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Maps worth making[edit]

Isochromic world maps:

  1. coal, oil, and natural gas: reserves. superimposed with population.
  2. coal, oil, and natural gas: production. superimposed with population.
  3. coal, oil, and natural gas: consumption. superimposed with population.
  • Population in black, with a very small pixel spread.
  • Fossil fuels in overlapping cyan, magenta and yellow (country-level resolution).

Some things this would help showcase:

  • how much oil comes from war-torn countries (Russia, Ukraine, Middle East, etc)
  • how much oil the USA consumes compared to other countries
  • which countries still heavily use coal
  • what motivates imports/exports (the difference between production and consumption maps)
  • fuel usage, both per capita and in total

Elie (talk) 23:18, 30 May 2022 (EDT)