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For an introduction, read What is climate change.

Biggest factors

GHGs (greenhouse gases) (such as CO2) are the gases that cause climate change. This is a pie chart of where they come from.
Note that half of emissions come from the richest 10% of the world, which includes you if you're middle-class in a developed country. That's the target audience for the "personal actions" section of this page.

Most of the world's emissions are affected by either...

  • How much new "stuff" gets made. Pie chart sections: "Industry", "Energy Use In Industry", and part of "Fugitive Emissions In Energy Production" (as natural gas is used in the industries).
  • How much people drive/fly. Two thirds of the "Transport" section of the pie chart (because the other third is for transporting goods; the ratio isn't found in this pie chart, but it's found in another pie chart).
  • Heating & cooling homes and other buildings. Most of the "Energy Use In Buildings" section is heating & cooling (not lights or computers etc). The pie chart doesn't specify this, but another pie chart does. Heating & cooling also contribute to "Fugitive Emissions In Energy Production", because natural gas is often used in heating and in generating the electricity that powers air conditioners.
  • Food production. Most of the "Agriculture, Forestry & Land Use" section goes towards producing food. Also note: This section affects more than just climate change, it also affects most of habitat loss.

This provides some perspective on the most significant actions to take.

Actions to take

If you think there's anything more significant to add to this list, leave a comment on the talk page.

Personal actions

Collective actions ✊🏻✊🏽✊🏿

For those who are skeptical

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