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Note that half of emissions come from the richest 10% of the world, which includes you if you're middle-class in a developed country. That's the target audience for the "personal actions" section of this page.
GHGs (greenhouse gases) (such as CO2) are the gases that cause climate change. This is a pie chart of where they come from.

Here's what we need to do about climate change

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Personal actions

Collective actions ✊🏻✊🏽✊🏿

Why those are the most important actions ↑

Most of the world's carbon emissions are affected by either...

  • How much new "stuff" gets made. See pie chart: Sections: "Industry", "Energy Use In Industry", and part of "Fugitive Emissions In Energy Production" (as natural gas is used in the industries).
  • How much people drive/fly. Two thirds of the "Transport" section of the pie chart (because the other third is for transporting goods; the ratio isn't found in this pie chart, but it's found in another pie chart).
  • Heating & cooling homes and other buildings. Most of the "Energy Use In Buildings" section is heating & cooling (not lights or computers etc). The pie chart doesn't specify this, but another pie chart does. Heating & cooling also contribute to "Fugitive Emissions In Energy Production", because natural gas is often used in heating and in generating the electricity that powers air conditioners.
  • Food production. Most of the "Agriculture, Forestry & Land Use" section goes towards producing food. Also note: This section affects more than just climate change, it also affects most of habitat loss.

Aren't there other things that can be done?

Yes. Read more: Longer list of actions.

  • Be warned: Most have very limited impact, and some are even counterproductive!

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