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By region

Unlike food or energy, there maybe isn't a whole lot to say about housing on a global level. So here's an ongoing list of subpages, each for a different region and its housing situation:

By country

The list is currently very short. If you'd like to help expand it, please join the discussion.


High housing prices can cause homelessness, overcrowding and wageslavery. Commonly-proposed solutions include higher wages, lower rents, or universal basic income. But these only work if there isn't an underlying shortage of places to live.

Are there enough places to live?

Help do the housing supply analysis for your city, country, or the world!

Ways to increase housing supply

Ranked from cheapest to most expensive (...)( in terms of resources per home ):

  • Converting some office space into residential space (...)( There is a lot of vacant office space, ever since the pandemic. )
  • Subdividing some large apartment units into smaller studio apartment units (...)( only for areas with a lot of single adults )
  • Subdividing some single-detached houses into duplexes
  • Building new multi-unit buildings
  • Building new single-detached houses


In some parts of the world (especially North America), people get stuck between:

  • "Do I want to live somewhere central and pay ridiculously high rent?"
  • "Do I want to live somewhere remote and spend more on driving / transit?"

The underlying cause is that most homes are far away from most amenities (stores, schools, etc). There are ways to solve this.