Letter:Google:Gmail Basic HTML

From the change wiki

Last day: January 31, 2024

To whom it may concern,

I'd like to kindly ask for you to keep providing the Gmail Basic HTML interface in February 2024 onward.

There are millions of users who use older devices and can't afford to upgrade. The full-featured Gmail is CPU & RAM intensive, which makes it very slow on older laptops. Some older phones don't even support a browser that can use it.

If your data shows that very few people use the Basic HTML interface, it may be because not enough people know about it.

Manufacturing new electronics is one of the biggest contributors to climate change, and old electronics still end up polluting Africa and Asia. When companies fail to support old devices, it just adds fuel to this fire.

I'm not asking for continuous improvements on the HTML interface. I'm just asking to keep it available.

The cost of providing it is probably far less than the extra bandwidth that the full-featured Gmail uses anyway.

Hoping you make the right decision,


Where to send this

Within Gmail

  • Open your Gmail (Standard View, not the Basic HTML version)
  • Click on the "Support" button (might be a circle with a question mark)
  • Select "Send feedback to Google" and then click "Suggest an idea". A text box will appear.
  • Feel free to copy the letter from this wikipage, paste it into that text box, and don't forget to replace the last line with your first name.

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