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This is a wiki to analyze what it really takes to build a better world. I believe that revolutionary change is possible & necessary - but first we need a clear picture of what it is that we want & need - not just politically, but also physically. This is a platform for that.

This is not Wikipedia

This is not an encyclopedia, but it is a wiki. Our style is slightly different:

  • Shorter pages
  • Action-oriented page titles
  • Less formality
  • Varying levels of detail

The content currently has a lot of red links (links to pages that don't exist yet). Please bear with it for the timebeing 🙏 😊


I had to disable editing, due to spammers. So for now, it's just a one-man show. I hope to open it again soon, after I build more of a foundation of content.

Ultimately this will be an open wiki.

For now, if you have something to say, you can still post a comment on any talk page: click the "discussion" tab on any wiki page.

Domain name comes from the word "olam" which just means "world" in hebrew. I tried other domain names but they were too expensive:,, Another good one would have been, but that's taken. Same with

We are not affiliated with any organization/corporation that happens to have "olam" in its name.

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